What Are The Best Guitars For Newbies?

If you must try your hand at music, seize the moment. There are inexpensive options for first timers no matter what instrument you are drawn to. For aspiring guitarists and bassists, many manufacturers offer a “starter pack” type of product that covers all the bases. By including a guitar, amp, case, and accessories, they save you the time and expense of adding each individually. You’re allowed to focus exclusively on learning and enjoying the instrument.

Reputable guitar manufacturer Ibanez encourages just such a jump with the Jumpstart guitar and bass packages. They manufacture the best guitars for newbies. For one affordable price, it’s everything you need – guitar, amp, patch cord, instruction book and more. The Jumpstart guitar package is perfect for allowing you to get a feel for the workings of the instrument. It’s a launch pad for you to determine your preferences down the road.

A basic strat-styled guitar or bass comes first. It sports a tapered GRX maple neck and 22 medium frets on a rosewood fingerboard. Either bass or guitar is available in a choice of four colors with a standard white pickguard. Simply put, this basic guitar has been sufficiently well-equipped so as to warm you to what the potential of an electric guitar is.

The similarly entry-level amp that comes with either package is a solid-state amp with 10 watts of power and an 8″ full-resolution speaker. It’s designed for personal use in the home to allow the individual to get a handle on amplification and distortion as desired. Do be warned that this amp should not be pushed to its limit. This is not so much for fear of “blowing” the speaker as it is to avoid the buzzing and humming that will accompany.

Also included is an Ibanez gig bag to keep your first guitar free of dings and scratches. A brief instructional video will provide you with the basics, and from there you can begin your musical journey. Feel free to continue that journey any hour of the day or night with the included amp-connect headphones for silent practice. Lastly, abuse the handful of guitar picks thrown in as well as you’re sure to mangle a few in the beginning.

Even the greatest six and four stringers had to start somewhere. Keep that in mind and get the full pack for a great price with an Ibanez Jumpstart Guitar Pack. Always go for the best. You deserve to get value for your notes or coins!

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