What is The Best Amp For Electric Guitars?

Guitar amplifier shopping, for some, may seem like a pretty straightforward thing. For others, this may be a rather daunting task especially when you put the specs and details into consideration. The chances of you finding what you’re comfortable with are slim. Frustrating, right? Yeah. I’ve been there a couple of times in the past. That’s why I’ve done the dirty work of putting together the best guitar amplifiers across all categories and price groups. Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Fender Mustang IV V.2

It’s flexibility and popularity has made it the best electric guitar amp┬áboth locally and internationally. It has commendable pitch shifting, stunning effects, as well as an XLR stereo output. It’s One Channel has about a hundred factory presets that offers more than its rather low price.

2. Roland Blues Cube Artist

This particular amp packs splendid vibe and vintage sounds, thanks to its Tube Logic design. The wide range of options when it comes to sound-shaping is made possible by the Crunch and Clean channels. This amp is perfect for both rehearsals and live shows making it not only durable but also highly versatile.

3. Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro

This is a product of the Orange company (as the name suggests) that is renowned for great guitar amps and great bass. It packs a splendid digital reverb as it comes with two channels: the dirty channel and the clean channel. The first has a four staged base with an EQ of three bands while the second has a two staged base with an EQ of two bands.

4. Mesa Boogie Mark V

For you who likes to fuse a collection of genres and styles, this amp is perfect for you. This is made possible by the 5-Band Graphic EQ that offers high-quality sound and tone shaping capability. It also has a trademark overdrive with an additional British crunch. Like the rest of the amps above, this all-tube 3-channel 12″ amp is great for live shows and rehearsals.

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing An Amplifier

Before budgeting for an amp, you should consider the basic stuff and if they go in line with your needs. These are key areas you should put into consideration: The size and power of the speakers, design and build quality, and the amp lingo.

Just go for what you can afford and goes in line with what you are after. If you have your amp’s type of use in mind, this will make things easier as you will rule out those that do not suit your preference. I hope this has been useful in your search for the best electric guitar amp.

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